Grovak (Filling)

The things that are done in the construction works are actually adapting to nature. On the project route, sometimes excavation works, sometimes filling works and sometimes concrete or stone productions that we call art structures are tried to reach the route from one point to another. Filling is an integral part of the route. The filling process is created by a special process in the field fillings under the foundation of the dam, road, irrigation canal, buildings. The clay fill is similar whether it is a dam body, a highway fill or a canal fill. The platform (fill surface) prepared in the irrigation canal is dug, asphalt is added with the superstructure material on the highway, the clay core in the dam filling is covered with rock on both sides. Thousands of m3 of material are laid in cm and pressed as if they were being handed, and compression test is performed. After compression testing, a new plate is allowed to spread.

Remember, a filler is as strong as the weakest layer.