Vista Mining Engineering Real Estate Const. Tic. Ltd.

Vista mining with more than 10 years of experience in all sectors of service and quality of duty continues to work. With its dynamic and diligent team, it indirectly makes significant contributions to the national economy.

In the field of material supply and transportation, which is the main business line of Vista mining; Aggregate, cement and sand as the main raw materials are provided. In addition to this, the company plays an active role in the construction projects of our country. Vista mining has a capacity of carrying 2 million tons of material per month; 3.Köprü, 3.Havalimanı, North Marmara motorways, such as the most important projects has done its job in the best way. It supplied 50 million tons of material to these three mega projects alone.

Our company, which supplies almost all Ready-Mixed Concrete companies in Istanbul, gives priority to Quality and Service and acts directly with the materials it gives to the strengths of the buildings. Vista Mining, which has an in-house Laboratory, recommends the material to its customers after conducting experiments (methylene, water absorption, specific gravity, flatness).

Vista Mining is also conducting some kind of R & D witness tests of all ready-mixed concrete companies that use high technology in concrete production. Aware of having strong foundations for a strong structure, it directly contributes to the production of high quality concrete.

Offering quality solutions to every sector, Vista Madencilik continues to beautify its life while continuing its services by working for more than 10 years.


With over 10 years of experience, we are open to business development opportunities, being a solution-oriented, dynamic, hardworking and high potential team, and being an exemplary company that always meets the expectations of our customers and contributes to the national economy with the services it provides.


We continue to believe in the values of Quality, Service, Honesty, Innovation, Research and Competence. Making decisions based on information and data by taking advantage of the opportunities offered by technology, our effective use of resources, not giving up the understanding of transparency in the awareness of social responsibility, the importance we attach to tolerance and solidarity, and our contribution to the national economy and employment increase our existing strength.

Product Quality and Environmental Policy

Commitment in which we operate In order to keep the customer satisfaction at the highest level and to realize this without compromising on quality;

  • In our service, taking advantage of the latest technology, to provide products that comply with legal requirements and standards
  • To ensure the satisfaction and continuity of our customers
  • To be in cooperation with our customers, to ensure their adaptation to the system and to help them develop continuously, to understand their expectations, to analyze, to find solutions.
  • To be in constant communication and cooperation with our customers, to make common works, to provide quality, complete service,
  • To increase the efficiency and performance of its systems,
  • Preventing injuries, health deterioration, occupational accidents and increasing the awareness of occupational health and safety of employees and all related parties, and promoting occupational health and safety culture,
  • To continuously improve and improve our quality and environment management system in order to fulfill the Quality, Environment and Occupational Safety / Health Laws / Regulations / standards to prevent pollution, to protect the environment and nature, to prevent the negative impact on the environment.

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