North Marmara Motorway Project

• The service quality in transportation will be improved by separating the regional traffic created by urbanization and industrialization with the intercity and international traffic passing through the region, developing and developing around the main transportation arteries in the East-West direction in the North Marmara Region.
• The motorway, which will make an additional contribution to the developing industrialization of the Marmara Region, will pave the way for new investments in this region with Istanbul 3rd Airport connections, Osmangazi Bridge Gulf connection and Karasu intersections.
• The Northern Marmara Motorway project will connect Edirne-Kınalı-İstanbul-Ankara Motorway with the İstanbul-İzmir Motorway and connect the Marmara Region to the Aegean and Central Anatolia Regions via a motorway network. Bursa transportation which is currently 2.5-3 hours from Istanbul will be reduced to 1 hour, Izmir transportation which is 8-10 hours from Istanbul will be reduced to 3.5-4 hours and Eskişehir transportation will decrease to 2-2.5 hours.
• Our motorway route, which connects with the existing Yavuz Sultan Selim bridge and 3rd Bridge connection roads between Tekirdağ Sakarya, will reduce the traffic load which is above the capacity in the existing transportation networks and especially the Bosphorus crossings.
• Economic losses such as increased fuel consumption, vehicle maintenance and repair costs, noise and environmental pollution caused by traffic density will be minimized.

Where are we at Vista?

Aggregate in this project, which pushes the boundaries and spans an average of 4 years

carrying capacity 30 Million Tons ie 30 billion kilograms

When we accept 27.000 kg per truck, that is 27 tons

The total transported material corresponds to 1 million 120 thousand trucks.

If we take 40,000 km around the world, each of Vista’s trucks is 11 meters

Get one more surprise result for the Northern Marmara Motorway material trucks in a row

the world is surrounded by one in four.